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New Website Launched
We are happy to announce the new brand & launch of our new website.

Please feel free to look around and find a bit more about us and our water treatment services we offer.

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Plant equipment, Engineering
& Mechanical Services

In addition to the contracted services Clean Water Systems Ltd can provide, we have our own ‘in house’ Plant Services Division which can offer an extensive range of services including:

  • Supply/servicing/installation of water softening plant
  • Supply/servicing/installation of water conditioning plant
  • Design and build services for bespoke dosing and control equipment
  • Refurbishment/replacement of calorifiers/cooling towers
  • All works are undertaken by qualified engineers with many years experience.

As you might expect from a service that provides such a comprehensive range of water treatment maintenance and remedial solutions CWS ensures it uses only the finest and quality proven plant and equipment for all its commercial work.

Because there are so many aspects to water treatment and continued hygiene it is imperative we only choose the right equipment for each task therefore we have access to a wide range of the right products including:

  • Water Softeners
  • Chemical Dosing Systems
  • Demineralisers
  • Sample Coolers
  • Water Filters
  • UV Disinfection Units
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Among other important water treatment and hygiene technical necessities we access and provide:
  • Salt Saturators
  • Water Conditioning Devices
  • Chlorine Dioxide Dosing Systems
  • Hydroclone Separators

To give you some idea of the plant that is required at a commercial premises, Sample Coolers for instance are a statutory requirement that facilitates water samples to be removed safely from steam boilers and heating systems.

The on-going day-to-day effort to prevent Legionnaires Disease is another crucial duty for anyone managing commercial premises where the public or employees are potentially at an ever-present risk from the disease due to the air conditioning and water supply.

You may not know for instance that it is in fact almost impossible to prevent a water system from being contaminated by the Legionella bacteria. Low levels are always likely to materialise – it is the fact that you can prevent it multiplying to dangerous levels where people like CWS come in.

The key is to avoid stagnant water build-up or residue being present in a water system by ensuring the system is clean.

Which is precisely what we are experts at.

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