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Legionella Risk Assessment
& Analytical Services

A risk assessment is normally carried out as the first step of a Legionella risk management programme which helps to identify and manage the risk from Legionella bacteria in water service systems. Our Legionella Risk assessments are undertaken in accordance with the guidelines and recommended practices issued by the UK Health & Safety Executive document ACOP L8 and the associated Technical Guidance HSG 274 Legionnaires’ Disease. Our Legionella risk assessment involves the identification and evaluation of potential sources of risk and typically includes:

  • A detailed Legionella risk assessment to identify and assess sources of risk
  • Keeping a log book with detailed records

Many people are completely unaware of the need for a Legionella Risk Assessment, but it could just save your company’s reputation and help you to avoid prosecution, should the bacteria begin to develop in your water system.

The compilation of a full site asset register detailing systems which fall within these guidelines. This would normally include digital photographs of all identified assets.

A review of the current condition of the water systems and whether the water storage is hygienic and compliant with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.The production (where possible) of appropriate schematic drawings of the identified water systems.

Monitoring of water temperatures to ensure they are within satisfactory limits for the control of Legionella bacteria.

The risk assessment would detail any remedial actions that might be required in order to achieve compliance with the guidelines. It will also offer recommendations with regard to either eliminating or managing the risk in the form of an action plan. It will also recommend a schedule for on-going water hygiene monitoring.

The completed document provides the customer with a clear understanding of how the guidelines relate directly to the site and provides the documentation required by the HSE/HSC. It will also identify and recommend any training requirements of on-site personnel.

Clean Water Systems Ltd can supply qualified Legionella Risk Assessors to undertake site surveys to determine the risks posed to persons from the site water system. Detailed plant and system survey information is provided together with a prioritised action plan to reduce any threat posed by poor system design and maintenance.

A site specific monitoring and maintenance programme is devised to ensure that the system is maintained in accordance with relevant health and safety guidance notes.

Examples of water systems assessed:

  • Hot and Cold water services
  • Spa pools
  • Humidification plant

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